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H. N. I. C.

A record label must be tried, tested, and then it becomes true, and the premise is evident in the new record label Lo End Record. Hailing from Detroit and founded by Daddy Hill, a pioneer in the rap game, Lo End Records has been constructed-on the foundation of success like any of the major record labels in the music industry. The blueprint for Lo End Records success: First you hire the best legal and management team to make sure business is business. Second, you hand pick and develop the most artistic talent available. Third, you hire top notch producers who know how to create hit records. Finally, you find every avenue, means and a way to promote your artist on a national level.

Lo End Records starting line-up consists of: Sandman, Flamingo Glac'e, "Hustle Boy" Tony Trice, and Joe Ski & Chaos all rap artists. Lo End Records is in the process of developing a new male R&B singer and female R&B group. The first artist out of the gate, Sandman, has created quite a buzz around the country with the hit single "Ahh Dee Ahh". Selling over 10,000 units by Sound Scan charts and an impressive 5000 units in the underground circuit. This is proof in the making that camp "Lo End" is heading in the right direction. Flamingo Glac'e and the "Hustle Boy" Tony Trice albums are due in early 2004, and with the distribution network that Daddy Hill has developed, more units from Lo End Records will be charting and accumulating.

Lo End Records has an in house promotion and advertising department. Daddy Hill went to local colleges and universities and recruited the best graphic designers and writers for all his labels, printing and advertising needs. Everything from posters to flyers and even media kits can be manufactured and produced overnight. Lo End Records went to the next level of the game with promotional items: Lo End jackets, tee shirts, bandanas, key chains, du rags, travel bags, underwear, ink pens, basket ball jerseys, water bottle, condoms, and even Lo End dominos. No expenses were spared in making sure that the name Lo End Records is seen and heard in any and all advertising and promotional avenues.

Daddy Hill and his executives at Lo End Records are looking to widen and diversify into other business in the entertainment field. Everything from Lo End Films, to the new Lo End clothing are in development. This company is aimed at targeting domestic and international markets. The street teams of Lo End Records, with their customized Lo End Mobile, will be seen promoting and selling CD's everywhere in the country. Lo End Records is here to stay.

Lo End-For Life.                           And you can AHH DEE AHH that!


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