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An aspiring superstar is poised to blow, surrounded and supported by his LO End Record crew, a beast with razor sharp lyrics has come out of Detroit: Flamingo Glac'e is his name. With an invincible drive for success, this new artist is on his way to striking a solid claim as one of raps elite. He's not Superman, and his true name has not yet been uncovered, but he is the new sound, style and culture of a true artist. He has a gift so powerful and instinctive that it is as natural to him as the air he breathes.

Flamingo Glac'e is prepared to unload his highly anticipated album. His new CD with a full length video "My Boo" is a cohesive collection of hard core gangsta tracks that explains why Flamingo's first album is called "Food For Thought". In the place of trendy references to jewelry, cars, and money this new disc is packed with raw and uncut tales from the hood.

It takes powerful music, a strong stage performance, charismatic style, and a competitive nature to reach international stardom. Flamingo Glac'e has locked and loaded an entertainment arsenal for the world to marvel. It's going to be a Mosters' Ball. The saga begins.

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