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It's the trials and tribulations a person goes through that structures their life. This is evident in the new recording artist "Hustle Boy" Tony Trice. Emerging from the streets of Detroit, this highly versatile artist from Lo End Records is the personification of raw talent.

The streets of Detroit have produced a monster, Tony Trice. With prolific lyrics that speak of the realism of the hood life, and delivered in Tony's unique style will make you Stop-Look-and-Listen. Born Anthony Trice, this 26 year old artist can't be compared to anyone....Because he is just Tony Trice!

His up and coming album is being forged with an arsenal of music tailored for the gangsters, the players, the ladies, and real folks who want it. Because Trice brings it with hard beats, and bangin' tracks from top notch producers. This street soldier doesn't battle rap, or rap about the cars and money, and all the "Bleam Bleam". Trice brings a collection of hard core gangster tracks that explains the life style of which he lives.

Tony Trice brings energy to the stage with his dramatic and electrifying stage performance. Daddy Hill, CEO of L0 End Records has recruited a soldier artist and a true performer who will bring a party. Be prepared for "Tony Trice" Because it's ON!

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